Sonitek’s new, all electric heatstaking system aptly named and trademarked Servostaker™ is a totally Electric Heatstaking Press using servo-driven motors and newly designed digital process controls to heatstake thermoplastic parts with precision driven technology for demanding applications.

Following all the current trends in the plastic molding industry and using new technology for accuracy and high speed developed at Sonitek the new line of Servostakers™ now offers unparalleled control for all thermal applications thus virtually obsoleting older style pneumatically driven systems for applications requiring precise control of multi-stage forces, varying velocity, absolute and incremental distance, and thermodynamics.

Servostaker is a Sonitek trademark
Sonitek is the leading manufacturer of Heat Staking and Ultrasonic Welding Equipment for Plastic Assembly. For more information please visit:www.sonitek.com
Servostaker™ line was designed to precisely heatstake applications requiring controls that provide feedback for ISO 90001 factories with repeatable, reliable, traceable and calibrate-able results!

Automotive, Medical and Electronic Device Manufacturers who have applications where soft thermoplastic materials like polypropylene, thermoplastic rubbers and other elastomeric resins that cannot support or withstand common pneumatically applied forces will find Servostaker™ to be the solution.

Servostaker™ meets or exceeds all requirements for category 4 safety and complies with CE, NEC, OSHA and CSA guidelines.

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